Powell HeatherHello, my name is Powell Heather. These blog will be your portal to my mind as an architect who loves history. I also specializes in renovation, commercial or residential, and its a thrill for me to renovate and repair any infrastructure that is an important piece of history.

Walking the streets of Melbourne, you’ll see a lot of different architecture styles. Melbourne is rich of it. Neo-Gothic, Modern Architecture, Romanesque etc, this place is full of it. Any architect would be impressed.

There is a problem though, due to modernization, these important and culture rich infrastructures are being destroyed one after another. Not only demolition, there is also a problem of abandonment. These perfect buildings are not being maintained, that is why their beauty can’t be seen right away.

That is why I created this website, though originally, the purpose is just for blogging, I decided to add some stuff to make this a website that will help provide awareness about important architectures not just in Melbourne, and at the same, provide technical knowledge on how to do renovation, and topics related to it. We’ll talk about everything, from cheap renovations like repaint, cleaning to restructuring, we’ll cover residential and commercial renovation.

My goal here is to save all of the important and historical infrastructures in Melbourne, but since no one will have enough fund for that, and all I can do is raise awareness through this blog and spread my knowledge, I’ll make sure to do my best and I’m gonna need all of your support. And we’ll take it one post at a time.

Thanks for reading, if you have the same passion as I am or just want to contact me, please, go to our contact page here.